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Ilona 29. 7. 2016 17:47:24

Dobrý den, chci se s dovolením zeptat, pokud si u Vás objednám granule Kronch v akci 2x 13,5 kg, budu platit poštovné? Mám zkušenost, že pokud si někde objednám za nějaký peníz, poštovné neplatím a tady bych platila celkem slušný peníz...... :-). Předem díky za odpověď. P.S. Jinak mám chovatelskou stanici na trpasličí špice.......

Dmitriy Ladeyschikov 20. 12. 2016 00:00:29

Dear Sirs, We are international group of companies based in UK, Europe and Russia, which operate globally in all kinds of feeding additives. We can offer INACTIVE DRY FODDER YEAST - high-quality and high-protein component that is used for the production of complete feed with a high content of digestible protein. INACTIVE DRY FODDER YEAST is a protein-rich vitamin product that is used in the preparation of compound feed. The bacterial protein which has been synthesized by the yeast is more nutritious than the protein of animal origin because it has more amino acids and it is easier to digest. About 95% of the fodder yeast is digested in the body of the animals. Sulfur and its compounds have been included into the yeast, help in the formation of amino acids during biological processes. The enzyme speeds up the digestion of amino acids and protein synthesis. Phosphorus and calcium which are contained in yeast composition contribute to normal development of the bony skeleton. Group B vitamins contained in fodder yeast are regulators of fat metabolism. Contraindications to the use of fodder yeast are not available. Overdose of fodder yeast does not cause any side effects. The use of the product does not affect the time of slaughter and the use of milk. Recommended dosage: poultry 2% - 4%; cattle 6% - 10%; horse 5%; rabbit, coypu, fur animals 3% - 5%; sheep 5%; fish: common carp 20%, trout 15%, sturgeon 20%. We supply FULL-FAT EXTRUDED SOYA BEANS, which are used for feeding animals and birds. Full-fat extruded soya quality parameters: high-calorie feed with high level of protein, universial and ideal for all farm animal species and birds. Full-fat soya benefits in the production of feed additives: - is characterized by high level of oil accessibility and fatty acids. High level of tocopherol provides containing oil with storage stability; - is characterized by high level of fatty acids – linoleic and linolenoic (9% and 2% of lipase and lipoxiginaze are destroyed); - high level of lecithin (important compound for fat metabolism); - high eating qualities, perfect flowability; - immunity to long-term storage; - high ability to granulate (compared to other components, containing oil additives); - minimal loss of nutrients during processing and in the absence of dust in the final feed product. We can offer NATURAL SODIUM SULPHATE Russian origin for using in the poultry feed. Natural Sodium Sulphate, without further purification and processing, can be used as a component in the production of mixed feeds for poultry. This product is used in the poultry industry to balance sodium rations and as an additional source of inorganic sulfur. In case of your interest in collaboration with us please let us know and we will present you more information about our companies and products. We are waiting your comments asap. Best regards, Dmitriy Ladeyschikov mobile phone (viber): +79219364746 SkyPE ID: dmitriyladeyschikov Phone: +44 20 3287 3881 FAX: +44 20 3287 3828 e-mail: info@FlipUnion.UK

Egbert www 27. 12. 2016 23:55:17

Love your works! :-)

Kaliksta www 29. 12. 2016 10:09:05

Your artwork is absolutely stunning.

Eulalia www 13. 1. 2017 11:13:10

Wonderful photography by a great photographer

Brygida www 21. 1. 2017 17:24:29

Your work is so beautiful and sublime.

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