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Despite the admirable qualities that all dogs have in common, they are unique individuals with different personalities, characteristics, habits, behavior and needs. Like with humans, each skin's specific needs related to the origin, climate, type etc. it is the same with the hair of a dog, their demands are even higher.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes 165 different breeds of dogs, not to mention the hybrids or so called special breeds like the Labradoodle (cross between Labrador retriever and poodle) or pugl (a cross between beagle and bulldog). The breeds have different coat: rough, silky, smooth, long, short, etc. Different dogs of the same breed can also have a completely different coat, depending on what weather conditions they live in, what their lifestyle is (whether they live inside or outside the house) and, of course, depending on how old they are.

As the requirements for a cosmetic treatment are different for each dog, the Isle of Dogs ™ developed a system of special cosmetic care for dogs, geared to meet the individual needs of every type of hair for all dog breeds. The system provides each dog a combination of these products, which operate outside, as preparations for the care of the hair from the inside in the form of dietary supplements. Products are offered in the form of a special numbered system to get the owner to choose the most suitable product for your dog.



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