Kronch salmon oil

Kronch salmon oil

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Cold pressed salmon oil for dogs.

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Producer: Henne Pet Food a.s Dánsko

A tasty salmon oil of the highest quality. The salmon oil is naturally rich in the essential omega -3 and -6 fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on the dog's health.

Omega-3 and -6 are important, as they help strengthen the dog's immune system. Omega-3 and -6 are also precisely the fatty acids that the organism is most often lacking. If the organism receives insufficient amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the dog will develop deficiency based diseases, including:

• gout
• allergy
• poor immune system
• eczema
• sickly coat and cracked hairs
• increased shedding
• poor wound healing
• poor growth
• poor renal function
• liver disorders
• dermatitis
• Generally dysfunctional glands throughout the body, including the gonads

Kronch Salmon Oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in just the right ratio, making it ideal as a nutritional supplement for your dog.

Kronch Salmon is extracted by cold pressing fresh salmon at low temperatures. Cold pressing is a very gentle extraction technique, that ensures that the fatty acids do not decompose and lose their positive effects. Cold pressing also produces very concentrated salmon oil, making it more economical to use. Fish oils are commonly extracted by boiling many different types of fish. However, fish oils extracted by boiling contain many more saturated acids, and therefore do not have the same positive effects.

Kronch Salmon Oil is equipped with a practical dosage pump, that makes it both easy and hygienic to use.

Kronch Salmon Oil is produced as a pure natural product without using preservatives or artificial colouring/flavouring.

Crude fat 99,0 %

Fatty acids per 100 ml 

Saturated fatty acids 21,50 g
Unsaturated fatty acids 35,00 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 32,50 g
-> of which omega 3 fatty acids 26,25 g


8,75 g


11,25 g

          omega 6 fatty acids

3,75 g

Feeding instructions: 

Weight of dog  Pump strokes (4 ml)
0 - 12 kg 1
12 - 24 kg 2
24 - 48 kg 3
More than 48 kg 4



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